Building/Planning and Development

The Building/Planning and Development Department is responsible for managing the City’s zoning, subdivision and building regulations. We are happy to assist in matters pertaining to zoning, comprehensive plan, land use, floodplain, code enforcement, development, and construction. 

The department is focused on ensuring safe building practices and construction are performed. We are currently enforcing the following building codes:

2011 National Electric Code (NFPA 70) 

2009 International Building Code

2009 International Residential Code

2009 International Existing Building Code

2009 International Fire Code

2009 International Property Maintenance Code

2009 International Plumbing Code

2009 International Fuel Gas Code

2009 International Mechanical Code

Need to secure a building permit or schedule an inspection? We will be glad to assist you.


(205) 763-4007

Office Hours

8 am to 5 pm

We ask that you request your inspection 24 hours prior to desired time. Inspections are performed following completion of all permitted work.

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