Fire Department

Fire Department

Station Locations

Station #1:
118 Magnolia St., Lincoln, AL 35096
Phone (205) 763-7777 ext. 4356

Station #2:
11000 Stemley Rd., Lincoln, AL 35096
Phone (205) 763-7174​


The Lincoln Fire Department began as a volunteer department and grew into a full-time paid department beginning in 1975. In the following year the first ambulance was placed into service. We currently operate two fire stations that protect the city, as well as two stations that provide industrial fire protection.

Command Staff

Fire Chief Joshua Vincent
Deputy Chief Billy Miller
Captain Jeremy Thompson — Industrial Operations
Captain Chip Brantley — Investigations/Fire Prevention
Captain Kevin Sturdivant — EMS Director
Lieutenant Andy Simpson — Haz-Mat Operations
Lieutenant Richard Alverson — Fleet Maintenance
Lieutenant Casey Rager — Training Officer
Lieutenant Thomas Farmer — Industrial Operations
Lieutenant Jeff Welborn — Industrial Operations
Lieutenant Ron Ligon — Industrial Operations

Services Provided

Fire Suppression

Lincoln Fire Department responds to fires involving residential, commercial and industrial structures, equipment, vehicles, marine and wildland urban interface.

Lincoln Fire Department has a Class 2 Fire Protection Rating by ISO, only 13 cities in the state have a better rating. The rating is the result of the dedication of the members of the fire department, their training, equipment and desire to serve, along with the water infrastructure and organization of the city.

Emergency Medical Service

Lincoln Fire Department operates two Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances staffed with a licensed Paramedic. Our ALS units are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment allowing our Paramedics to provide the best care possible. Lincoln Fire Department answers emergency calls for service within the police jurisdiction and provides transport to local hospitals.

80 Spring Branch Rd.
Alexandria, Al. 36250
Phone: 256-236-6005


Fire Investigations Bureau

To contact the Lincoln Fire Investigation Bureau call: (205) 763-4043

Alabama Arson hotline: 1-800-654-0775

Lincoln Fire Investigations Bureau is a stand-alone law enforcement agency recognized by the FBI with its own ORI. The primary purpose of the Fire Investigation Bureau is to determine origin and cause of fires and explosions. The responsibilities of the Fire Investigation Bureau include the fire scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation; victim, witness and suspect interviews and follow up procedures to determine the nature of the incident and hold those accountable if necessary.

Our investigators are certified through the Alabama Fire College, International Association of Arson Investigators, National Fire Academy and The Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission.

Our investigators work with Lincoln Police Department, State of Alabama Fire Marshal Office, ATF, Talladega County District Attorney Office and other Public Safety Agencies to complete a thorough investigation.


For training questions please contact: Training Officer Lt. Casey Rager at: (205) 763-7777 ext. 4356

Lincoln Fire Department supports an extensive training program to meet the needs of our department. Our department requires our personnel to be trained well above minimum standards to meet the services we provide. We regularly host various Emergency Medical Services classes and Alabama Fire College certification courses to assure our staff is trained up to date to provide the best service possible. The city encourages members of the fire department to take training beyond the normal requirements.

Lincoln Fire Department Training Division also provides CPR training to the public when needed.

Hazardous Material Response

For Hazardous Materials please contact: Lt. Andy Simpson at: (205) 763-7777 ext. 4356

Lincoln Fire Department requires all personnel be trained to respond to hazardous material incidents. Our Haz-Mat team responds to all levels of hazardous material incidents. Our Haz-Mat team is the only Haz-Mat team within Talladega County.Andy

Water Rescue

Lincoln Fire Department operates a water rescue team with personnel trained Surface Water, Swift Water and Dive Rescue. Our water rescue team has a fleet of four boats consisting of; One center console, One RescueOne powered flat bottom. One RescueOne powered Zodiac and One non-powered Zodiac. Our water rescue team has an enclosed trailer equipped with kayaks, ropes and rigging and other specialized equipment needed to perform rescues from surface and swift waters.

Our water rescue team primarily protects the water ways, creeks and inland lakes within our police jurisdiction. However, with mutual aid agreements with Alabama Marine Police, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and neighboring agencies will respond where needed to provide assistance.

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