Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec

The City has an active park and recreation program offering a wide variety of venues. The City believes that having activities in our parks is essential for the enrichment and quality of life for our citizens and visitors.

Lincoln's Landing

Lincoln’s Landing is being developed as a fishing tournament site and picnic area. With a total of thirty-eight acres available a parking area for over three hundred and fifty trucks with trailers has been prepared. The site design was focused on providing a perfect venue for fishing tournaments. In addition to the tournament a portion of the park is devoted to family activities provided by small pavilions along the shore area. A large pavilion is also perfectly situated near the launch site. A long boardwalk and a number of piers have been constructed along the edge of the river. This facility is the largest public access site on Logan Martin Lake.

Moseley Park

Moseley Park is a centrally located and general usage park. This park offers tennis courts, walking track, basketball, pickleball, playground, softball and pavilion.

Lincoln Park is centered around baseball with seven baseball fields and one soccer field. In addition the park does offer an archery park and two playgrounds.

Blue Eye Trail and Fishing Park

Blue Eye Trail and Fishing Park is located in the older part of the City. This park has an attractive pavilion, walking trail, and boardwalk along the creek. An annual fishing tournament is conducted on the creek each year. The walking trail offers a shaded walking quarter mile track following along the creek for a portion of the way. Blue Eye Creek has a very wide variety of fish, catfish, bream, bass and pickerel. Beavers are occasionally viewed close to the most southern area of the creek. The foundation of a former cotton warehouse provides an attractive photo site on the east bank of the creek.

Choccolocco Creek

Choccolocco Creek is a twenty acre primitive park. This park provides an opportunity for residents to access one of the largest creeks in East Alabama. There are no developed areas at this time as the primary design usage was to permit residents to launch water crafts on the creek.

Veterans Park

This is a planned park on Stemley Road. The City acquired the one hundred and ninety acre site for the purpose of a large multi-use park. The planned activities would be bathrooms, tennis, pickleball, walking track, soccer, fishing ponds, playgrounds, elevated trail over wetlands, disk golf, and large recreation building. The park is to be constructed in phases with the first phase to be constructed following the receipt of a grant award.

Kirksey Park

Kirksey Park, on First Avenue, offers a playground and ball playing area.

Piney Grove Park

Piney Grove Park is a neighborhood park with basketball, pavilions, and playground.

City Center

Indoor activities are conducted in the City Center.  This building, a gym, was part of the former Lincoln High School.  This building houses part of the park staff and is one of the larger public buildings in the city for public use. Adjacent to this building is the Senior Center.  This building offers a large dining area and easily accessible meeting area.

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